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Published on 6 May 2024

The 2024 Olympic Games will soon be on everyone's minds, the whole world is watching the preparations and waiting for the glow of the Olympic torch. The Olympics represent excellence, internationality and mutual respect between competitors, the official values of the Games are excellence, friendship, and respect (Source: International Olympic Committee). These elements and values of the Olympic Games that unite the whole world are also important for your company, and for meaningful teamwork. That is why organisations should foster the themes of the Olympic Games now and not later.

Top-performance as a goal: priming teams for your competitive edge

With the Olympic Games approaching, athletes have tuned both their bodies and their mindsets to their peaks in order to embody excellence in their own performance. Like athletes aiming for the Olympic Games, also companies have important high-stakes moments during the year where they need to perform at their very best. For these high-stakes moments, it is necessary to constantly develop skills and abilities, enhance teamwork, and invest in the commitment and readiness of the team, so that the company's own competitive edge is and remains at its peak when it is most needed. In the changing and diverse operating environment, top performance must be maintained throughout the year, and all personnel must be ready not only for working on long-term goals, but also for unexpected situations. Both require the stamina and contributions of each team member.

When the goal is the company's top performance, teams must be genuinely committed as the effects of good performance are visible in customer satisfaction, employee well-being, employer image, and company results.

How to create commitment to the company's goals?

In true Olympic spirit, here are 5 interconnecting rings with which a solid foundation for top-performances can be created:

  1. By stating the goals clearly, in practical terms and with graspable content: using numerical values, presenting how achieving the goal affects people (staff, customers, and stakeholders) and explaining why exactly these goals are currently important.
  2. By giving everyone the opportunity to embrace the meaning of the goal in their own way: one is motivated by working together, another by recognition, a third by seeing the results of their own work – it is important to get to know the team to know what motivates each member of the team, and to ensure that these motivations are reflected in communication and shared activities.
  3. By creating a corporate culture that embodies an openness to development: teams must be given space and time to get to know each other in meaningful shared moments that encourage networking and interaction – together it is easier to be ready for changes and renewal, no one feels alone and a strong common resilience conquers challenges.
  4. By giving teams the opportunity to meet each other so that they can truly get to know each other outside of their work roles: this way the mutual trust of the team members in each other and in each other's abilities is strengthened, which is also a prerequisite for making full use of diversity and inclusiveness – everyone gets to feel that they belong to a successful team just as they are.
  5. By offering teams shared experiences that encourage innovation: the threshold for experimentation becomes lower, the desire to develop increases, the fear of failure recedes and instead gives way to genuine enthusiasm, which strengthens the efficiency of the teams and the company's operations as well as the company's competitive advantage.

Bring the Olympics to your team and inspire success

Foster the excitement of the Olympic Games and surprise your team with Olympic-themed Catalyst activities suitable for everyone and engaging anyone. Through meaningful teamwork, we learn, understand, and grow together. Team skills, interaction, communication, and cooperation become more effective while your team strengthens its sense of community and belonging in team activities that always exceed expectations.

Here are seven Olympics themed team-building activities suggestions from the Catalyst Team Building Network to harness the power of teamwork, communication, and collaboration:

  • Quickfire Olympics – Highly engaging team building game of mental, physical and creative challenges. Individuals learn to appreciate their strengths and the diverse skills of others in their team. Also available online for remote teams.
  • Two Tribes – Alternative team building activity that provides sport for people of all physical abilities. Individuals participate in a fun and supportive environment. Two Tribes is a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world.
  • Sync or Swim – A hilarious team building activity and ‘whacky’ interpretation of synchronised swimming. Reflecting strong Olympic values, Sync or Swim can be a light hearted after dinner entertainment or a fun conference energiser with positive underlying messages.
  • Animate – Fun and creative team-building activity that brings together technology, art, and business skills. Participants have the freedom to explore creative thinking, collaborate, and share their innovative ideas.
  • Go Team – High tech, adrenalin fuelled adventure race exploring Olympics connections in the urban playground. Go Team is a state-of-the-art GPS enabled treasure hunt application. Old nostalgia and today's Olympic trivia is discovered in Go Team's Olympic version, led by the Helsinki 1952 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games. It enables real time interactivity in a live teambuilding environment anywhere in the world.
  • The Big Picture – Creative and artistic team building activity. Teams get together to create a masterpiece to champion Olympic values and explore a culture of shared achievement. The importance of cooperation, communication and teamwork is reinforced by painting a masterpiece of truly epic proportions. Also available online for remote teams.
  • Puppet Masters – Innovative team building activity and the ultimate test of communication. This team building program requires all individuals to be involved in strategy and project planning when constructing and manipulating gigantic marionettes to mimic inspirational Olympic moments.

See you on the podium!

When you want to develop and inspire your teams with top-notch teambuilding, contact us! We plan the content of the activity according to the goals and needs of your event and your team.

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