With team activities, process development and efficiency inspire everyone

Published on 21 Mar 2024

Catalyst team activities are an effective way to lower the threshold for change, because our teambuilding experiences:

  • Illustrate how to turn an inefficient process into an efficient one
  • inspire teams to experiment and discover new ways of working
  • Shake up silos and distances between departments
  • Gets everyone to commit to a shared goal
  • Give everyone the opportunity to participate with their own strengths
  • Get teams to develop their operations with a solution-oriented mindset

Team activities support strategy

Every successful organization must be productive and constantly develop its processes to be more efficient. The efficiency of the company's processes determines how well it creates clear results. In a well-designed process, costs, quality, revenue, and staff well-being are all optimized so that the process produces the best possible result in the best possible time, with the available resources.

Efficiency cannot be improved only once, it is also its own continuous process. It is way of thinking that goes along with the organizational culture. It requires identifying processes, analyzing them, and finally refining them. It means practical changes in operating methods. The Catalyst teambuilding activities specifically support this innovative operational change, the most challenging moment in the process development chain.

Change is a challenge - but you don't have to resist it

Process development often leads to change, which has a counterforce in resistance to change. All personnel must be supported so that they can change their working methods, which have already become routine, in a solution-oriented way. They also need support to quickly see the benefits arising from the change, for themselves and the organization. With team activities, you increase your team's readiness for change now and in the long run as our activity experiences show changes in a positive light. Moreover, the teams experience the positive effects of development first-hand. In our team activities, rapid changes and development are rewarding. The experience shared together leaves a strong memory mark on the participants and increases their natural openness to change.

With the undeniable power of gamification

Studies have shown that gamification of processes can have very long-lasting positive effects in workplaces. When learning takes place in a game-like, stimulating experience, it has a greater impact on renewal. Insights and learnings are more likely to be put into practice because they have already been experienced once and even more so as very positive experiences.

In a well-designed team activity, the participants try out new ways of working on their own accord, for example to win a playful competition. This is apt to increase everyone's intrinsic motivation, and to develop their own and the team's operations. Participants will see a real example of what top results development leads to. Change is not imposed, it comes of one's own will, which effectively increases readiness for change.

This kind of setting created by team activities helps strengthen readiness for change in everyday working life where you work together towards a shared goal and shared success. Everyone's actions matter and everyone is needed. When changes and development have already been put into practice once during the team activity, implementation into the daily operations of the organisation becomes easier.

Team activities enhance process development

Engaging and captivating team building activities that are suitable for everyone strengthen the ability to develop processes and provide strong learning experiences. That is why team activities create a bridge between theoretical understanding and real action, and that is why they also create results for organizations. Our functional business simulations quickly illustrate the benefits of process development not only for the company's productivity, but also for the sense of meaningfulness of the talent.

From our portfolio of 200 team activities, we selected 6 top activities to effectively develop your team's process understanding:

  1. Need4Speed: Teams assemble concept cars in real production lines, where the turnaround time speeds up to seconds and processes are honed to perfection.
  2. Animate: A cheerful and creative team activity that combines technology, art, and business acumen.
  3. The Infinite loop: A lean management VR experience that takes you to the virtual world, which simulates smooth cooperation and seamless communication between different functions of an organization.
  4. Quickfire: A tablet-based team activity that challenges participants' reasoning and ingenuity with both brain teasers and physical tasks where everyone gets to participate with their own unique strengths.
  5. Chain Reaction Tabletop: A fun and quickly engaging team activity where everyone's actions are combined into a shared chain reaction.
  6. Ibuild: A building project that illustrates project communication and different roles in a great way, highlighting the importance of each role and individual strengths.

Developing processes is much more than changing individual actions and tasks. It is a comprehensive culture-shaping mindset, to which all experts in the organization must be committed. Commitment is most effectively created by adding Catalyst team activities to your strategy, to maximize the potential of your entire organization, create meaningfulness for your staff and keeping your company agile, on top of the wave of change.

Please feel free to contact us! We are very happy to help developing your company's processes, strengthening readiness for change, enhancing teamwork, and enabling meaningfulness for everyone, so that you and your entire organization can succeed.

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